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Live "AI in Business" Course Adapted from UC Berkeley Changemakers: AI in Education Program
Position Your Book & Biz Above all the Noise in Your Industry Without Having to Spend Years and Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Figuring this Out Yourself!
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Here's What Our Grads Have to Say:

Austin Distel

Author of Subscription Secrets

Austin wrote and published his MVB with us in the 7 Day Book Challenge and has been using it ever since to drive new leads and gain exposure for his expertise in growing subscription-based companies.

Ryan Veit

Author of #1 New Release "Why Cant We Talk About This"

Ryan Veit Owner of 10toOVERNIGHT Financial Coaching wanted to write a book that brought his ideal customers to him. Thats exactly what he did inside of The Ai Author Academy!

Cierra Leuck

Closes High Ticket Clients from Book

“Someone reached out to a person on my sales team about wanting the book. Then my sales guy booked a call with him and made his first High Ticket ($6800) sales because of the book. Just thought you should know!”

Andrea Hardaway

Property Management Owner & Strategist

"If anyone's on the fence about it and wondering if the investment is worth is? I think it's absolutely worth it. "

What Is The AI Author web3 Bookstore?

Welcome! Darby here.

I’m excited to have you join us in this founding members launch to fund The AI Author Bookstore web3 project.

You’re reading this now because you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, investor, author, speaker, coach or consultant, or publisher with content or IP and you’re interested in hyper-monetizing in ways you’ve probably never heard of…
Welcome! Darby here.

I’m excited to have you join us in this founding members launch to fund The AI Author Bookstore web3 project.

You’re reading this now because you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, investor, author, speaker, coach or consultant, or publisher with content or IP and you’re interested in hyper-monetizing in ways you’ve probably never heard of…

We’re putting together a small group of 25 leaders to join me on the cutting-edge of AI in publishing to build a bookstore that empowers creators around the world to not only own their content and scale their IP with the power of web3… but will also help them drive more sales and significantly increase their income.

My seasoned web3 team and I will handle ALL the:
*Tech and web development
*Customer service

We’re looking to bridge the publishing gap between web2 and harness the power and reach of the coming web3 revolution and need visionaries and forward-thinkers to join us as founding members to build an MVP of “The World’s First AI-Powered Bookstore Built on web3”.

This won’t be a good fit if you aren’t into web3/NFTs or don’t at least have an interest in this space. But I’m assuming you do since you’ve got this far.

So I’ve put all the info on what you get with this offer below for you to review and invite you to join us to pioneer the future of publishing with AI and web3.

Here’s what you get as a Platinum level founding member (capped at 25).

Yes! I Want To Join The ACADEMY

Course Outline & Overview

AI in Business: Adapted from UC Berkeley Changmakers AI in Education Course Developed by The AI Author™

7 Week Course

We are excited to announce an innovative program that is going to help business owners in all industries unlock the power of Jasper AI.

This program is for anyone who wants to learn about the growing world of AI and how using AI can help improve their skillset.

You will learn how to apply Jasper, an AI tool, in various areas of your career including writing, marketing, sales, and education.

You will be able to gain a competitive edge in your industry by learning how to use AI in your work. With Jasper, you will be able to create a variety of content that will accelerate your productivity and improve your efficiency.

After taking this program, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to start using AI in your industry today.

Whether you are a dedicated member of a corporate team, part of a small business, or a business owner ready to get more done without having to hire a full team, this is for you.

Week 1

Meet Jasper

Participants will be introduced to Jasper and learn about the diverse capabilities of Jasper AI.  The functional applications of Jasper will be established: writing, marketing, sales and education. This week will give participants a chance to explore Jasper AI and see what it is capable of. Best practices for AI will be discussed in relation to ethics, and the future of AI will be explored. Participants will have a chance to investigate the benefits and advantages of AI while dispelling current myths.

Topics include:

*What is AI? 
*The ethics of AI
*How AI Thinks
*Benefits and Advantages of AI Use
*The Future of AI When It Comes to Changemaking
*Jasper Overview

Week 2

Writing with Jasper

Participants will focus on writing with Jasper AI. They will learn how to use Jasper to research and generate ideas for pieces of writing. Participants will also be able to explore how Jasper can be used to support grammar and formatting as well as improve writing skills. They will recognize the importance of "voice" when writing to specific audiences and use Jasper to experiment with different voices in writing. This week will include both demonstration and hands-on practice.

Topics include:

*Foundations of writing
*Brainstorming with Jasper
*Using Jasper to create various pieces of writing, such as:
--- Research papers
--- Blogs
--- Editorials
--- Product reviews and descriptions
*Use Cases

Week 3

Marketing with Jasper

Participants will investigate how Jasper AI can be used with marketing. They will learn how to use Jasper to analyze data and target potential customers. They will also learn how to create marketing materials and track results. Participants will learn the basics of SEO and the application of the tool SurferSEO to write content that ranks on Google, along with how to use Jasper to streamline the content creation process through templates, recipes, and advanced AI workflows. This week will include both demonstration and hands-on practice, which will provide participants a chance to create marketing material for their own company.

Topics include:

*Marketing 101
*The Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) Model
*The Problem Agitate Solve (PAS) Model
*Mini VSL Basics
*Buyers Blueprint

Week 4

Sales with Jasper

Participants will begin to focus on using Jasper AI when it comes to sales. They will learn how to use Jasper to create proposals, develop leads, and close deals. Jasper AI has many features and templates to initiate sales and this week’s opportunity will be to observe and practice using Jasper to produce a variety of sales content within a niche industry. This week will be a great chance to put Jasper to work as a member of the sales team.

Topics include:

*Sales 101
*Writing EPIC Emails
*Creating a Sales Page That Converts
*Elevator Pitch to Landing Page
*$100M Offer Recipe

Week 5

Education with Jasper

How can Jasper be used to educate? In any industry, education is necessary both internally and externally. Participants will learn how to use Jasper to help others learn more efficiently and effectively. There will be opportunities to practice how to create lessons and develop curricula. Education is crucial when it comes to success and gaining knowledge and skills. It is also crucial when working with clients and moving them through the customer journey. Participants will be hands-on while creating various educational products for their niche industry.

Topics include:

*The Framework for Sound Educational Curricula
*The Micro-Course Concept
*Creating an eBook for Education
*Breaking Down Barriers With Summarization

Week 6

Case Study Showcase

In the sixth week, participants will showcase their “AI Portfolio”. Participants will get live feedback and laser coaching on the products they have created using Jasper and other AI tools. This leads into the seventh week which will be dedicated to answering any questions participants may have about Jasper or the previous weeks.

WeEk 7

Course Conclusion & Next Steps

In the final week, participants will wrap up their work and reflect on what they have learned. They will also be given guidance on how to continue using Jasper AI in their business or career. Participants will be prepared for how to continue to be a changemaker in the world of AI as it relates to producing and publishing content in a variety of industries. We will wrap things up this week and hold space for questions for all participants.

Meet Your Instructors

This program will teach you how to master your use of Jasper, an AI tool, in various areas of your industry. You will be learning from some of the top AI educators who use Jasper every day in their business and teaching other how to the same.

Darby Rollins, TheAIAuthor.com

Darby Rollins is the founder of The AI Author, host of The Scale With AI Summit, and world's first Jasper.ai user. As a leading AI integration consultant and author of AI and the Rebirth of Writing, Darby's AI training and education have helped thousands get better and scale content with AI-powered workflows. Featured in places like AdWorld, The Verge, Self-Publishing School, and Jasper.ai, Darby also curates industry updates, insights, and trends in his weekly Generative AI Insider Newsletter. Darby lives in Denver, CO with his fiance Rachel and puppy, Luna.

Kelley Tenny, TeachYourBrilliance.com

Kelley Tenny is a lifelong learner, educator, curriculum expert. course strategist. Kelley has been teaching for over 20 years at the collegiate level, empowering others through education. Her desire to empower even more led to the start of Kelley's company, Teach Your Brilliance™. She offers curriculum creation and online education strategy services to creators, influencers and experts who are looking to turn their wisdom into wealth. Unleashing the power of AI to help others step maximize their skills is one of her favorite things.

Meeting Weekly on Wednesdays @ 4 PM CST

Enrollment Ends: 1/7/2023
Class starts on 2/8/2023

Ready to Join the AI Revolution in Business and Unlock the Full Power of Jasper?

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Keep your thoughts organized and on the right track with worksheet and templates developed specifically around the process of writing and marketing books and more with artificial intelligence.
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Done-for-You NFT/App Creation with the “Blue Ocean Business Dream Team” (Value: $10,000)
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FAST ACTION BONUS #2: Annual Membership to The AI Author Cookbook+ Community (Value: $500)
*All this includes Founding Member status and positions you as a thought leader in the web3 publishing industry.
Bestseller Category Research
Cover Design
Marketing Strategies
Amazon Ads
Website Templates
Formatting Your Book
Jasper Training
Other AI Tools
Join The AI Author web3 Bookstore Founding Membership Now
Total Value: $24,490

What We've Done For Our Students

Students Served
Published Books
Recipes Downloaded

Now, I know what you might be thinking…

“I want to do this but I’ll do it next quarter…”

Look. It's not the big that eat the small anymore, it's the fast that consume the slow. 

Every day that a company is not using the technology of the future, is another day they fall behind competitors who do. 

PLUS, by investing, you will have access to a consultative process designed to flip the sales funnel and have the best clients coming to you. 

Or you might be thinking…

“I don't think my business is ready for this yet.”

The truth is, business today is about making faster decisions that allow you the greatest chances of success. Proximity is power. Viral marketing using your clients is the fastest way to jettison growth. The best sales people are happy clients and now any business can create a loyalty royalty model that can open up hundreds....thousands...of new markets very quickly.

 And if you’re thinking…

“I think I will keep everything status quo and try and make the current investments I have made pay off first.”

First of all, congrats on investing in yourself. Few people really do this. The question you want to ask yourself at this point is the following: What are you doing specifically that others don't do, can't do or wouldn't think of doing. The reality is that most people are prone to throwing good money after bad advice. 

Just look at LinkedIn, Amazon, Instagram, etc. and see how many competitors you really have. 

If you are investing in the same way your competitors are, you’re losing to the power of stats (the Gini coefficient for example). This math principle states that the more competition you have, you have an even smaller chance of being successful. Or in other words, "greater sameness won't get you better results." So you need to position and market your services differently….AND you need to do it yesterday!

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What Changed After They Went Through The Academy

Austin Distel
I had a secret weapon, and that was artificial intelligence. They were able to extract a book that's been sitting in my head for years.
Mark Cruver
It has everything to do with 2 things. 1st is the consistent encouragement and motivation. 2nd is the focused time and eliminating distractions
Ryan Veit
I don't know if its possible to give more than 5 stars on a 5 star review. Ive been carrying this idea for several years now. I am now published on amazon and a #1 New Book Release.
Andrea Hardaway
This was absolutely worth it! Everything changed for me!
Cierra Leuck
I realized my 1st book didn't have to be my life's work. It could just be something helpful and useful for my audience.
Nate Morse
I wanted to become a thought leader quicker! This helped me learn how to use Jasper.
Kari Zahr
I finished my whole book in 3 days! Rather than do this huge elaborate book, I did one that was really targeted and focused that solved a problem right away.
Shane Johnson
What was great was the concept of the MVB (Minimum Viable Book). I use this with my products but had never thought of that with the book!
Ravi Satya
In my opinion this is the best course for writing a book in a short period of time.

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